Anonymous asked: Whats your fav place to chill?

bikini bottom

Anonymous asked: Why are you so beautiful?

aw ya sooo sweeeetttt *.*

Anonymous asked: What would you like to change in your life?

Good question,:$

Anonymous asked: What do you hate the most?

the peaple who talk but say nothing,uknowww,faake peaplee and also bugs the kind of bugs you step on when youre shoesless and itss like ”crounch”

Anonymous asked: Do you like to watch movies?


Anonymous asked: Who is your fav actor?

I have plenty of fav’ actorss ;000 But my favfav is Reginald from Mixmania<3 or Miley from Hannah Montana ohyeessss 

Anonymous asked: You are amazing


Anonymous asked: Why are you so poushon?

becauz i eat my crust

Anonymous asked: Starbucks or gym?

GYM ;00 Ive been into a starbuck likee 1 time in all my lifeee ,uknowwww

Anonymous asked: Do u like to go to tha zoo?

i live in a zoo becauz im a party animal

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